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Sounds Expensive

written by Luke Schumacher

with Ben Schumacher, Horacio Alcolea Crespo, Kate Sansom, and others

Sounds Expensive is a screenplay written by Luke Schumacher and a film produced by Luke Schumacher, Ben Schumacher, and Horacio Alcolea Crespo in a subterranean wash of beer, dust, smoke, cardboard, neon, reverb, retardant, Frikadellen, speed-drawing, dance, music, and technics at Benny Boy's, Berlin. This volume contains the screenplay, collaged stills of the set and cast during film production, including drawings by the cast and paintings by H. A. Crespo and Kate Sansom, as well as the text of Sufficient Trash, a play also written by Luke Schumacher, from whose sinking ship jump the central characters of Sounds Expensive and end up here . . .